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The 6 movements of the spine and what you can do daily to help

Do you ever think about the health of your spine? Why is it important to keep it limber and mobile? A simple answer, it will keep you younger longer. And, you can start at any age.

The spine houses the spinal cord which communicates with your body. A healthy spine helps your nervous system be efficient and effective as it can. As we get older, it becomes even more important to integrated simple stretches into your day. My clients, up to their 90's have benefited from improved ease of movement and less pain.

The spine moves in 6 directions. Yes indeed! One of the easiest ways to take care of your spine is to move it in these 6 directions each day.

Very easy to do. As you do these gentle twists and bends, just set the intention to elongate and create space between the vertebrae as they are being done. Exhale and elongate gently while you twist.

1. Left and right side bend

2. Rounding the back forward and arching the back backwards

3. Twisting left and right.

Think of your vertebrae (the stacked bones in your spine) as a column of blocks, and create space between the blocks as you stretch. Exhale and blow space in between the vertebrae.


Try this for a week and see if you can notice the difference.


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