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Why does good posture matter?

Have you ever reflected about your posture?

Do you know if you have good posture? And why does it matter?

As we age , posture related pain is much more visible. Nearly all of us over the age of 40 have some level of disc degeneration and i would say 98% of us have poor posture in one way or another. Time passes, habits and gravity play a part, injuries, repetitive movements... sitting at a computer. Poor posture can and will cause pain and other problems as we age.

A few simple questions...

1 - When you stand facing forward in a relaxed manner, how do your hands fall with respect to your body? They should fall facing the body. Facing behind us is a symptom of inward rotation of the shoulder girdle .... aka posture imbalances.

2. Ask someone to check.... how far do your inner shoulder blades sit from one another. Ideally they should be 3-4 of your finger distance apart.

3- Do your ears line up with your shoulders from a side view? If not , cervical spine health is likely at risk. aka neck pain!!

Central to PILATES is posture; balancing muscles, reshaping and hydrating the fascial system, creating space between the vertebrae. Head positioning, shoulder and pelvic stability is key.

So, if you tried the above 3 exercises and have any postural questions, reach out, ask :) and give yourself a hand in progressing towards a healthy spine and a pain managed future.


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