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Therapeutic Massage offered at Happy Hollows Studio


Styles offered include the following:

Table Massage with a Thai twist

Thai Yoga Massage on Mat

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I was formally trained in Thai massage in 2016 when I left the corporate world.   Although most of my clients prefer a more standard table with oil massage, they love the influence of the Thai methodology.


The Thai technique is an integral part of my current method (for the traditional table massage with oil);  deeply relaxing and wonderfully beneficial to the body.   The technique can be deep tissue or gentle based on the needs of the individual.    


Traditional Thai Yoga massage is done on a mat with the individual fully clothed in loose comfortable clothing.  The technique includes a mix of gentle stretches, compression and pressure point therapy.   Working the energy lines in the body really gives one a feeling of quiet and calm following the massage.


I have had clients which range in age from 15 years old to 93.  The benefits of the improved circulation are wonderful to reduce pain in the body and improve ease of movement whether you are young or old, active or more sedentary.

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