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Happy Hollows is a place where we embrace sustainable living. We are lucky to have the beautiful Raquette River running through our 8-acres of field, forest and hollows, allowing us to fish bass in the springtime, pick fiddleheads and wild grapes for jam, and from time to time, see deer, fox and families of wild turkeys roam the property. We have many fruit trees, berries and, more recently, we have included the prized sea buckthorn and elderberry bushes. Many of our medicinal herbs (botanicals) grow naturally in the fields and meadows on our property and, each year, we continue to extend our natural gardens so that we can grow a wide variety of herbs that have been used traditionally to support health and wellbeing. Echinacea, rose, plantain, dandelion, elecampane, hyssop, milk thistle, mullein, marshmallow and many others.


We always have many projects on the go and love to share our experiences and interact with our community online and at the local fairs to help others learn from what we have learned ourselves when we moved from our city life to a more tranquil setting in the countryside of Rigaud.

We try to eat farm-to-table as much as possible throughout the year and seem to be doing pretty well so far, spending a lot of time in the kitchen to make sure we have what we need for the wintertime when the gardens are less productive. It is not easy to move to solar energy in this region of Quebec, but the intention is there and we heat our home with wood throughout the wintertime. We raise chickens, turkeys, rabbits and ducks.   

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most profound connection on earth. The link between plants and humans is innate. We are genetically linked and co-dependent. We all live close to a wealth of safe and healthy plants in our forests and fields, and over time, we have lost and forgotten about their benefits and uses. What was once used regularly by mothers and healers is becoming more and more distant to us. Our goal is to help educate and bring some of these plants back to the forefront in their healing, tonic properties - from digestive support to cardiac tonics, from coughs and colds to skin salves, creams and lotions. Healing tonics for the pain of heartache and loss to tonics to help with calming of the nervous system. 


After several years, we are happy to now be able to offer products picked fresh, dried carefully and crafted right here at our little farm where we live that we have named Happy Hollows. 

Michele Young   

BSc Botany & Molecular Biology (McMaster U)

MSc Medical Microbiology (UBC)

Community Herbalist Program (Pacific Rim College, BC)

24 years experience in pharma industry – many of these years in research laboratories (Canada, Switzerland, USA, Quebec). Topics such as understanding antibiotic resistance, genetic disease markers, and the relation of cannabinoids (CBD) to pain mechanisms.

Chester Collier 


The man behind the scenes!

Mr fix it, grow it, build it !!  

Full of great stories , keeps me going!


The Shirleys

Anyone who visits Happy Hollows will be greeted by one or several of our friendly Shirleys.   Our laying chickens roam the property during the day, eating bugs, worms and if they are lucky some rice or left over food from dinner.  They head back to the coop every evening at dusk, climbing their little wooden ladder to cozy in together before another day of farm life begins.        

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