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Cannabidiol (CBD), pain relief and the vanilla bean. What do they all have in common?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is well known to scientists in the field as an analgesic or pain-reducer.

For over a decade, I worked in a large pharmaceutical company which specialized in Pain research and, more specifically, trying to understand the way in which cannabinoids reduce pain in the body. One of the wonderful therapeutic effects of CBD is there ability to act as an analgesic without the side effects seen in many anti-pain medications on the market. Both acute and chronic pain can benefit from cannabinoid rich products, whether topical for localized pain or ingested as a tincture for more faster-acting benefits, or an oil capsule. Each of these delivery systems has their own benefits.

Cannibidiol (CBD) has many cannabinoid cousins in the Hemp plant, however CBD is the most important analgesic of them all. CBD itself acts directly on an ion channel in the cell called TRPV1. TRPV1 effects include mediation of pain perception, inflammation and modulation of body temperature. Interestingly enough, the TRPV1 is known as the vanilloid receptor. Both capsaicin and the vanilla bean contain vanilloids which have also been known to act as analgesics.

Whether you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, headaches, generalized body soreness or skin irritations a cannabinoid based product may be the answer. Broad Spectrum products are free of all THC components which are associated with the psychoactive characteristics of hemp extracts.

Based on the type of formulation and the route of administration the various products act to attain pain relief in different ways.

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