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Move away from synthetic skincare and try natural goodness to feed your skin.

Calendula is indeed food for your skin. A famous plant in the world of skincare.

And why should we care about Calendula? These days, there is a general concern growing related to the use of synthetic compounds on the skin; skin is the largest organ in the body which absorbs what it is exposed to and skin also protects the body. There is more awareness these days about consuming products that come from earth friendly sources; sustainable sources.

Dew drops on a calendula flower
Calendula petals wet with the morning dew

Calendula is often referred to as marigold but calendula is in fact quite different from garden marigold. They are both sunny in disposition and look similar but are not the same. Both are a part of the sunflower family but Marigold is a part of the Tagetes genus, which includes at least 50 species, whereas calendula are members of the Calendula genus, a smaller genus with about 15 species. ‘Calendula officinalis’ ; ‘Calendula’ being the genus and ‘officinalis’ identifying the species.

The flower, when picked is rich in resin and beautifully scented. It contains hundreds of compounds provide the skin with healing elements; soothing, protecting and building for the skin. This plant has been studied extensively and, for the skin in particular, it is known for its anti oxidant effects. It contains well known compounds which neutralize free radicals. What does that mean? With time, and age; sun exposure and exposure to chemicals in our environment or in the products the we use, the skin will produce free radicals. Elements that, if they are not neutralized, are unhealthy for the skin and body. This is an entirely normal process, but one that can be slowed and managed if we have healthy habits and use something like calendula on our skin. Calendula is one of the most famous natural skincare plants.

Calendula is

  • protective against the unwanted effects of the sun

  • therapeutic for skin photo aging

  • scavenges free radicals

  • affects collagen metabolism, modifies and firms up the skin

  • softens scars and smooths the skin

Another fantastic, highly researched plant; a plant which is gentle enough for children and babies and effective enough to be studied for its use in cancer treatments.

Calendula food for the insects
Calendula nectar is great food for the insects


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