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Combining famous gut healing herbs

Its fun now having a chance to process the outcome of all the hard work of the summer. Winter is slowly on its way, the gardens are closed up and I am finally able to bottle and package up tinctures and oils which have finally had enough time to sit. Yea!!

For those of you who are not familiar with tinctures, a 'tincture' is a concentrated extract from medicinal herbs, typically tinctured for 6-8 weeks in order to maximize the extraction of medicinal components from the plant.

Calendula is an amazing wound healer , both internally and externally. The tinctured version works internally, promoting healing of the mucosal membranes throughout the digestive system. The whole flower has been dried, macerated and allowed to tincture for 8 weeks. Nothing beats fresh extractions!

Chamomile wonderfully good for reducing inflammation in the gut and reduces dramatically stress in the stomach and intestines.

Two of the best medicinal herbs for healing of the gut :) aka Gut Healer!

Concentrated tincture (extract) of summer chamomile and calendula flowers.


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