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Therapeutic Mouth Rinse

Introducing our new oral care mouth rinse. This tincture blend has been carefully crafted with three well-known healing plants including echinacea, calendula, and peppermint, to offer a gentle yet effective approach to improving oral hygiene.  


Our mouth rinse is 100% natural and is used as therapeutic support for oral hygene.


This spicy rinse works with the immune fighting properties of echinacea, the skin healing properties of calendula and broad leaf plantain and the anti bacterial properties of peppermint hydrosol.


This mouth rinse promotes a balanced oral flora , heals mouth ulcers and irritations and contributes to overall oral well-being and gum health.


Key Features:


  • Botanical Blend: A carefully selected combination of  echinacea, calendula, broad leafed plantain and peppermint for a natural and holistic approach to oral care.

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