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Regenerative Face Cream with Sea Buckthorn

Introducing our Regenerative Face Cream with Sea Buckthorn; our deluxe facial moisturizer.  Luxurious, rich and moisturizing.   This cream is the ultimate anti-aging, collagen-boosting and firming face care formulated specifically to build and nourish the skin.


This gorgeously rich face cream is formulated with a powerful combination of ingredients known for their skin-repair and boosting properties. The inclusion of ginseng, ceramides, panthenol, and vegetable collagen, along with our star ingredient sea buckthorn, ensures that your skin receives the best care and nourishment it deserves. Additionally, the regenerative properties of rosehip seed oil further contribute to the overall health and firmness of your skin. 


Regenerative Face Cream with Sea Buckthorn

  • Ingredients:  Reverse osmosis water, vegetable glycerine, plant ceramides, olive wax, seabuckthorn oil,kokum butter, rosehip seed oil, castor oil, ginseng extract, vegetable collagen, panthenol, geogard , vitamin E, beeswax, grapefruit essential oil  

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