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Caramel coffee face scrub

100% natural face scrub leaves your face feeling clean, soft and dewy ☺️ and it smells so good!


It is important for the health of the skin to exfoliate regularity , once every week or two. The best way is to use an all natural , gentle product so that you don’t aggravate the pH of the skin or irritate it with perfumes or synthetic chemicals.


This was inspired by a customer request and this is what we came up with ! Made with freshly ground kicking horse coffee , brown sugar, argan oil and our homemade vanilla extract.


Argan oil was chosen as it is one of the oils of choice to slow the effects of aging of the skin.   Argan oil improvest skin elasticity which reduces the formation of wrinkles and hydrates the skin. I like to use a variety of oils so that the skin can benefit from the different composition of a variety of plants.


This face scrub is a new product which has had excellent reviews !


Caramel coffee face scrub

  • 2 oz

  • Freshly ground kicking horse coffee, brown sugar, argan oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, caramel, homemade vanilla extract, cinnamon, glycerol.

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