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Skin Repair Oil

Beautiful double-infused oil from our calendula flowers here at Happy Hollows.    We have hundreds of calendula flowers which bloom every day in our gardens and are wonderful pollinators for our bees.  We are careful to make sure to pick them at the time in which they are highest in essential oils and the flowers are ripe and vibrant in colour.   


Excellent in helping the skin heal in conditions such as psoriasis, excema, wounds that are slow in healing and other inflammatory skin conditions.   It is what we call a skin vulnerary, meaning that it encourages healing and supports skin healing and the integrity of the cell membrane walls.  The oil is used topically on skin and face.


This high quality oil is combined with D-Alpha Tocopherol (pure vitamin E) in order to enhance preservation and benefits to the skin.   Pure vitamin E is much higher in healing benefits when compared to mixed tocopherols which contain not only d-alpha tocopherol but natural mixtures of beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols.    



Skin Repair Oil

  • Calendula flower-infused sweet almond oil, D-α-tocopherol (pure vitamin E)

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