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Simple steps you can take to reduce congestion, mucous production of the common cold.

Do you have a head cold, stuffy nose, congestion and headaches? Once we have caught a virus, there are simple things that we can do to without leaving the house to ease the congestion and stuffiness and get through what is typically 7-10 days with ingredients that we already have and by making simple dietary changes.

Common cold symptoms are our our body's response to the virus and typically include increase in mucous production causing stuffy head, headaches and stuffed , dry nasal passages. It can include sore throat and cough and possibly an increase in body temperature aggravating our respiratory system.

Head to the kitchen to begin these simple diet modifications to help you or your loved one manage these symptoms.

Reduce and lighten mucous production, alleviate headaches and feel better with the following simple tips:

A few times daily squeeze the fresh juice of 1/2 a lemon

Add honey and hot water

Freshly grated ginger, chilli and cinnamon

Even add a dose of hot sauce

... all of the above are mucolytic agents. What does mucolytic mean? Mucolytics are foods or medicines that thin the mucus, making it less sticky and thick and easier to cough up and get rid of. The above foods, made in in a tea or added to your diet throughout the day will impact the cells in your body that are producing mucous resulting in less mucous and thinner mucous. The symptoms will lessen and you will feel better throughout the duration of the cold.

Tip: You can even flip the half lemon inside out after you have used it and chew off the inside flesh and bits of internal skin. Its full of health benefits including antivirals, anti-inflammatory and antioxident agents to name just a few!

Increase the consumption of garlic and onions which will increase your immune system, helping to fight off the virus.

Combine the above with an increase in fluids which will reduce the thickness of the mucous (and therefore reduce the congestion even more).

Reducing your intake of dairy, wheat and simple carbs. Reduce the intake of refined sugars which are found in most store bought processed and packaged foods such as baked goods, boxed breakfast cereals, soft drinks, candy, packaged cookies. All of which tend to increase the ability of cells to create mucous.

And there you go! I have many more simple tips that one can do on their own to help with this process. Let me know in your comments! And of course if you have access to a local herbalist there are many herbs which have wonderful properties to further reduce the discomfort and manage you through the cold.

Take care!



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