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Salvia (Sage), sore throats and why oral hygene matters.

Medicine has a long history with Salvia officinalis, not to be confused with any of its hundreds of cousins in the sage family. One of the best usages for this medicinal herb is its use as a mouthwash to keep the gums and teeth in good condition. We often forget the importance of oral health however , for a healthy gut and digestive system, mouth health is paramount. Sage leaves alleviate pain and soreness in the mouth for those with cankers or for individuals being treated for cancer in which the mouth is very sore. And for this time of year, sage leaves in a tea can be consumed warm or cold to reduce pain and soreness of a sore throat.

In summary, Salvia officinalis leaves are a wonderful aid to assist those with:

- cankers or mouth sores

- sore mouth

- teeth and gum health

- sore throat

Recipe for Sage leaf Gargle or Rinse

2 tsp leaves /cup of water

steep covered 10-15 mins or overnight

2-3x daily rinse or gargle

Give it a try!

Just make sure you are not using the essential oil. Use the correct sage leaves from Salvia officinalis. You just may have it already in your garden!


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