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Gut health? I’ve got a little habit for you to begin…

That is , if you want to improve your gut health :) keeping those little microbes who inhabit it a little happier!

Well, before you read on, that depends if you or any of your loved ones suffer from any gut related symptoms and given the last couple of years, many of us do. Digestive issues? Tummy aches? Mental health struggles (yes gut is linked to this as well)? Immune system down? Hormonal system up in the air?

Can you relate to any of these? If so, read on… and tag someone who you feel may benefit from this post!

Gut health and its microbiome (ok yes all those millions of bacteria that help out) is absolutely critical to the healthy functioning of our immune system, our hormonal system, our nervous system and our overall health.

For example, ever feel your gut give out after a bout of stress? The link between stress and our tummy is direct and the impact can be immediate. The nerves in our gut communicate with the brain via a superhighway called the vagus nerve. And the bacteria and fungi which live in the gut must be happy in order to support your body and keep it healthy. That little happy microbiome family is often challenged by invaders and in fact what you eat, naturally impacts your microbiome.

The microbiome performs many important functions in your body. When the balance is not right we can experience various symptoms ;stomach pain, bloating, issues with elimination, weight gain and heartburn and as a result go to the pharmacy or the doctor to get help.

Ok now for the tip…

One very simple habit that you can begin is to chew your food longer. The first step of digestion happens in the mouth. Digestive breakdown by chewing and the digestive enzymes in the mouth are very helpful in reducing the stress on the microbiome. This step alone will help improve your digestion and improve the happiness factor of your microbiome and take you one step further towards gut health!

Just because its simple doesn’t mean that it is not important!


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