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Milky oats, beautiful tonic for the nervous system

Our first harvest of milky oats grown from a friends crop in Saskatchewan.

Beautiful tonic for the nervous system. Restorative and grounding with a lovely sweet smell.

A key component of our Feminine balance tincture at Happy Hollows.

Avena Sativa , more commonly known as oats 😊 is not only a nourishing food source but has been for thousands of years used medicinally. These beautiful milky tops are harvested just before there oats have had a chance to form and harden into the oats that are commonly used. They are full of a white milky sap and harvest period lasts only one week before the plant goes to flower. Tincturing while fresh is best and preserves more of the medicinal constituents.

They are highly valuable and used for many indications one of which is to sooth the nerves and balance the hormonal system.

So happy to have our first small batch.


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