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Have you heard of Elecampane?

Elecampane root harvest this evening. Incredibly large aromatic roots. Washing them, scraping the roots and drying slowly overnight. Will be packaging the dried root to be used as an expectorant and antimicrobial for the respiratory system.

Loving the scent of the house when these herbs are drying. Sweet and aromatic. This herb has been used as a medicinal herb throughout history. Particularly good for chronic chest infections such as bronchitis with compromised lungs due to asthma or smoking. Helps clear lung infections with a heavy chest cough which is tough to clear.

It has also been said that it can be used for a cough that is brought forth due to homesickness. Helen of Troy was said to weep tears of longing for her homeland…. and everywhere her tears fell, elecampane grew . :)


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