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Dandelion, wonderful health benefits on your doorstep!

Dandelion, or Taraxacum officinale, is an amazing healer and has had a very important role in traditional medicine for centuries. And, liver health is one of the top benefits of this wonderful and accessible plant.

Over 50 articles have been published in scientific literature, the majority of these studies were carried out in the mid 2000’s to the present day. They report 12 main health benefits which are associated with what we call phytochemicals which are found in the leaves, flowers and roots. Dandelion is a highly rich form of phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals are very cool. They are not primary compounds which would be considered ‘essential’ to the growth of the plant but rather, secondary, occurring in low concentrations and performing important secondary tasks such as pest repelling, growth regulation etc. They are known to give plants their color, flavour and aroma.

Have you ever heard of quercetin from your local health food store? If not, it is often used in tablet form to support various health related indications. Quercitin is an example of a phytochemical, found naturally in dandelion.

One of the top 3 therapeutic benefits of dandelion roots and/or the leaves which were reported in the literature relate to liver health, anti oxidation and anti cancer activity.

This summer, I harvested beautiful dandelion roots and combined with nettle leaf, created a Detox Support tincture which gently strengthens liver health and improves elimination. Why is liver health important? Your liver removes all toxins , clears medication from your body and breaks down all that you take in. It is also very important in managing cholesterol levels and regulating hormone levels.

Next summer include dandelion in your diet! One of our key liver support herbs right at your doorstep !


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