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Mullein Tea - Clear the lungs

Mullein leaves are a traditional remedy for helping clear and decongest irritation and phlegm in the lungs.    This tea was handpicked when the plant was young and leaves were plump and full of goodness.  Inner stems removed and gently dried and crushed by hand.    We have had tremendous success with this for those who have a hard time clearing lungs which are congested with phlegm or for those with a persistent cough.    I always say, give it a try!      If it works for you it becomes a fantastic tea to have handy when you need it as a natural alternative to the pharmacy.


This beautiful infusion is soothing and works as an expectorant for dry coughs, lung congestion, sore throats and tonsillitis.   Also excellent for smokers suffering from cough and irritation of the lungs.  Gently helps reduce inflammation and irritation.

Mullein Tea - Clear the lungs

  • Verbascum thapsus

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