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How to prune a tree? 3 Easy steps!

The first of May is the time to get ready for planting and tidying up the garden.

One if the essential things to do in early spring is pruning your shrubs and trees to ensure their health and proper growth.

Here are 3 easy steps to get you started!

Step 1 ~ Prune off damaged or dead wood. Make sure your pruning shears are sharp and clean and are cleaned before moving from one shrub or tree to another. This helps avoid the transfer any disease or fungus by having contaminated shears. They can be cleaned with hot water, or a damp cloth with isopropyl alcohol to sanitize them.

Step 2 ~ Cut off branches that are too low. Trees grow from the top so a low branch will always be a low branch and will not become higher as the tree grows. If it did, you would have to move your hammock or swing every year. Trees grow wider at the bottom but the height of a branch stays the same. So think about how you want your tree to look in 10 years and cut off the low branches so that you can attain the look that you want.

Step 3 ~ Remove branches which cross other branches or branches which are growing straight upwards. These branches can easily be broken by strong winds or fruit load so they should be removed. This step also helps with the air circulation which keeps your plant healthier.

A little pruning now will pay off in future years in both the look of your plant and the fruit that you may be growing on it.

Finally, make sure to remove all the pruned branches from around the tree or shrub to keep it healthy and looking good.


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