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'Winter' Aftershave for Men

Woodsy and sweet with hints of clove.  Unique to this product is the subtle and distinguished scent of freshly infused bay leaves.


This handmade aftershave is an infusion of vanilla, fresh leaves of the bay tree, ginger and clove.   In addition to its wonderful smell, fresh bay leaves provide a skin toning quality which tightens the pores and firms the skin.     Anticeptic and anti bacterial action of the alchol base, ginger anc clove cleanse the skin.


This aftershave smells wonderfully masculine and natural (because it is! 100%).    The benefits to the skin come from the herbal properties of the ingredients.      The essence of vanilla comes from a 24 month infusion of madagascar vanilla beans.    All ingredients come from the herbs and plants, no essential oils, no chemicals or preservatives.   


This can be used simply as a skin tonic or as an aftershave to cleanse, tighten and firm pores following shaving.

'Winter' Aftershave for Men

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