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Smudge bundles

Smudging is a traditional way to create a cleansing smoke bath that can be used for spiritual cleansing and healing.


Burning herbs such as sage, mugwort, cedar, mint and yarrow have been used in cultures around the world to cleanse and protect. This practice is also used to create a safe and sacred space for meditation, healing and spiritual work.


Sage, cedar, lavender and mugwort have been collected from our property and I have used two different binding techniques, one of which is a method using paper ; a method taught in certain traditions, to contain the herbs for drying to create a fragrant herbal smudge stick.


To note; this practice should not be used in a closed or confined area. As always, people should take the appropriate precautions in light of potential allergies and sensitivities regarding the herb being smoked.

Smudge bundles


Smudge bundles : 2 for 25$

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