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Skin Therapeutics -  Breakouts and acne

This tincture contains a blend of echinacea, red clover, stinging nettle and dandelion root all of which have been grown here on the property.  The plant parts have been handpicked, dried and tinctured in our small batch processing area.     The tincture has been custom blended to specifically support skin challenges including difficult inflammatory reactions.    Very helpful clearing eczema, reducing skin eruptions and calming acne.  Supports calming inflammation, irritation and reducing itchiness.


Echinacea is an important immuno modulator for skin, helping the body shift from the reactive inflammatory mode to a more supportive mode, calming the hyper inflammation which is a part of these skin challenges.


Coupled with red clover, nettle and dandelion root to support the liver and elimination this tincture helps to balance and restore the body.

Skin Therapeutics - Breakouts and acne

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