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Sea  Buckthorn Regenerative Lotion

- Fresh sea buckthorn extract

- Extremely high in anti oxidants

- Excellent for regeneration of fragile, thin, papery or damaged skin

- Shea butter base for moisture

- Orange flower water for a gentle base scent

- 100 % natural

- No chemicals or synthetic ingredients

- Elderberry plant extract as a preservative


We currently have 10 sea buckthorn growing at Happy Hollows.


The sea buckthorn plant is an amazingly healing plant . It is a plant in which the compounds found in the bright orange berries are renownd for their natural ability to assist with regeneration of the skin. This beautiful plant's berries , seeds and also leaves have outstanding antioxidant properties and are exceptionally high vitamin C and E. The berry itself contains 18 of the 22 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.


Our Sea Buckthorn Regenerative Lotion is different than most lotions as we use elderberry to help with preservation of this natural lotion. This means that our lotion is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives and as are all our creams they are ultra safe and gentle for those with sensitive skin like me!

Sea Buckthorn Regenerative Lotion

Next batch expected to be available end Feb, 2024