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Contentment Tea

A beautifully grounding flavour, holy basil (the main component of this tea) is used 'medicinally' as an adaptogen which means that it is a gentle nurturer of the entire body.


In Ayurvedic traditional medicine, tulsi is one of the star plants, where daily consumption is said to reduce the risk of illness, improve overall health, enhance well-being and longevity as well as alleviate the stressors of daily life.


Springtime is a great time to use tulsi as an overall, holistic tonic for the body. A wonderful addition to your pantry which will help bring a sense of good-natured contentment and balance to your body. Combined with our lavender buds, milky oats and rose petals it is an uplifting tonic which tastes absolutely divine this tea will help reduce anxiety and daily stressors and bring a wonderful sense of contentment to your day.

Contentment Tea

  • 2 tsp/cup water; steep 10 min. covered

  • No known precautions


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